28 Souls

28-SoulsDear Friends I rarely post anything on FB that is not of business, but I feel I must speak out.  The 28 souls that gave their lives so that we could better understand ourselves are asking for your attention.

The big questions are how and why could this possibly happen? And who is to blame?

First I must make a statement in my own words about something I learned from the Conversations with God books.

While you claim that images of violence in games, cartoons and movies do not affect individual behavior, you spend millions of dollars on a Super Bowl commercial because you say the images do effect individual behavior.

I propose that any culture that creates violence as its main form of entertainment, and is shown over and over that violence is the accepted and expected way to resolve problems, would face many unwanted results.

As for blame, well the mother was a loving mother. She did the best she knew how to do for her son and his problems. She was an avid gun lover. She taught her son how to shoot. Gun culture was something they loved and shared together. Do you think for a moment if she knew the possible results she would have taught him?

The son started out with some handicaps of his own. Then he got lost in a video world where the highest number of kills wins! Where you don’t just kill, you kill with vengeance to win. Is he evil, or a victim of his own culture? What was he taught about life, from his life?

I urge you as these 28 brave souls have. Let their voices be heard and turn away from violent culture. Begin by teaching your children why they don’t want to play those games. Just taking the games away won’t work. Don’t glorify or watch movies where now even innocent child actors are seen brandishing guns. Didn’t we see enough blood in the Roman days? Let’s, as a culture choose to move on. If we all moved away from violence starting now, what would the results to bring our culture?

Foremost I stand with the brave father who gave his daughter with forgiveness and love for this great cause. He is the highest example of the most important lesson to us all, if we are to escape from this madness.

Finally, our culture is in a grave situation, make no mistake. It is even more insidious than Hitler because there is no one person to make wrong. No one place to confront it.

I trust that the beauty of the human spirit having heard the 28 voices of our bravest souls and many others before them and will understand and triumph! We all know what to do. Let’s just do it! The only way it can be done. Together united as a culture.

Let’s end the world of violence, greed and hate so that we can greet the dawn of a new age.

Choose Peace… Brian

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