5 Language Learning Myths Busted


dogWho says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Well I’m sure that myth has been broken over and over. The same goes for learning languages. Here are 5 language learning myth busters!

You Can’t Learn a Language Online

The old method of learning a language involved a teacher leading a classroom in instructions. The Internet is proving to be a higher productive learning environment. You can take your time learning online with repetitive programs. You have access to instant feedback regarding your responses to different activities. You will learn faster by knowing immediately what you did wrong. The Internet provides a self-paced program for your learning needs.

You Need To Be Taught For Hours during a Day

A traditional program would run hours a day as well as involve a student studying at home for hours. The truth is that you should learn a language in smaller blocks of time. You should focus on three through four lessons a week for 30 minutes each. This is better than trying to learn a lot of information crammed into three hours.

Learning a New Language Is Too Hard

Learning anything takes time and patience. Most people want to give up learning a language in two or three months. This simply is not enough time. Think how long it took you to learn your first language. You didn’t start to speak well until after you were three years old!

There Is Not Enough Time to Learn

There is always enough time to learn a new language with all of the technology around. You can learn and practise on your way to school, work, exercising, or even when shopping.

I need to Be Clever or Good at Language Learning

No, you do not need to be clever to learn a foreign language! And also, everyone is capable of learning a language, there isn’t anyone who is not good at learning one – we all have an innate ability for language learning. The most important things that will differentiate those that progress quickly and those who do not progress quickly is motivation and attitude.

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