6 tips for language learning acquisition!

“A small daily task, if it be really daily, will beat the labours of a spasmodic Hercules”.

Anthony Trollope

The fans and users of the World Word Exchange avail of our plentiful resources for many reasons. Whether you are super passionate about a particular language, have an interest in specific parts of the world to where they want to travel or want to take up a new language as a hobby; the aim is the same: to be able to speak a language to the best of their ability. We supply the tools while the rest is up to you.

So, language learners. How do you build your  language skills to the best of your abilities? And how do you keep everything in your head once the information is there?

We’ve compiled some tips which will support you on your wonderful adventure and render your language skills even stronger than they already are.

1) The immersion method

Where are you planning on holidaying this year? Consider traveling to a country where they speak the language you are learning. Have some awkward conversations and throw yourself in the language acquisition deep-end until you build a little more confidence.

2) Learning vocabulary

Ensure you are committed, focused and dedicate some time to vocabulary learning. Words, words and more words are key and above all, ensuring that you revise vocabulary in order to keep the words in your head. Learn vocabulary ‘in context’ as this helps to learn words while associating them with images in your head. Work daily with our vocabulary trainer. And make an effort to apply the new words as soon as possible in conversations.

3) Studying alone

You’ve done your study and you want to make an extra effort before your next lessons to add to your skills. Search for some movies in your chosen language on Netflix, listen to some funky foreign music or follow a foreign newspaper to spice up your learning experience.

4) Grammar

Build the grammar and the rest will follow? Not necessarily but it’s a good start. Have you been avoiding learning your past preterite in spanish or your subjunctive in french? Sitting down and forcing grammar rules into your head will mean that you have a very strong foundation. Ensure that this is coincided with vocabulary learning and eventual sentence compositions. And of course, always make sure to apply your grammar straightaway in conversational practice to tightly save it in the long-term memory.

5) Learning more than one language at a time

If you are learning more than one language at a time, then this can be difficult especially when both languages are similar. General consensus is to leave learning a second language a little longer after the first to ensure that you build a strong enough foundation before embarking on the second. If you wish to learn two languages at once, keep it to two for the time-being.

Apart from that, we advise that you study both languages you are learning every day and divide your time between each according the level of difficulty and challenges you face with each.

6) Time Management

Be realistic about the time allocated to language learning. Dedicating too much time and over-committing can mean that you don’t reach your specific goals. However setting aside too little time can mean that you don’t build your language skills strongly enough. Keep it consistent and if time is a challenge for you then find intervals during the day to fit in some extra learning. Read during your lunch-break or write some vocabulary in your notebook before you go to bed. The options are endless.


Adopting effective methods to acquire a language is the key to maintaining a strong standard long-term. Remember that resources online are endless, meeting native speakers of your chosen language in your local community is easier and setting aside some extra time every day to revise grammar is well, possible. Make the most of lessons with the World Word Exchange and have fun learning a new language.

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