Grammar Words

Grammar Words

It is difficult to learn proper grammar for most languages. It is not that important. If you speak “my house” or “house my” because you will be understood.

To learn how to use grammar you need simple grammar explanations along with grammar used in sentences for examples. Of all the grammar words: is, are, be, was, and were are some of the more difficult to use properly. It can take many years of practice. Again if you use the wrong words you will still be understood.

The importance of grammar when you are communicating with someone of a different language will be discarded. When you understand that dropping many words so you just use the important words will be of great help.

If you are talking to a non-English speaking person or someone who has limited English it is very helpful to speak very simple. Instead of saying “I want to go to the store” a simple “go store” is easier to understand for a person of limited English.

Every language uses grammar in different ways. If you are learning a new language it is very helpful if you have a friend who speaks the language you are learning. Practice by hearing examples of how the foreign language is used.

It is more important when learning a new language to learn the basic words first, rather than how they are used. Grammar makes language sound better but it is not that important for communicating. Words are the true way of communication.

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