How To Learn A Language

How to learn a language?

It is a question that many people ask. What is the best way to learn a language? Where do I start? These are great questions.

I thought that the words I learn first will really be important and I should choose them carefully. I started with who, what, where, and when because they are all helpful one word questions. Then I grouped words into twenty word lessons. I put some words in groups like family, food and body. I also put the opposites like “hot” and “cold” together because it made sense to me. I also spelled them all phonetically for me to read and remember spelling. At first some words were very difficult to remember so I made up clues to help me remember. To learn the Italian word for tomorrow which is “domani” my clue was no money. It rhymed. To learn the Thai word for ceiling which is “pay don” my clue was: don’t forget to pay don. It can be anything to help you remember. How to learn language got much easier for me.

I have found to learn a language is easy. I can learn many words each day. The problem is I forget them. Learning words is not remembering them. This is the heart of the challenge of how to learn a language.

I reasoned that what is needed is a way to practice recall of them. So I devised a simple multiple choice game that I could test my self with. How to learn language is now, how to remember language. A question word appears and you have eight choices to match the word. I added sound to it so a native speaker said the word to me. I made a study page where before I play the game I can see them spelled phonetically and hear the sounds. How to learn language is not the question. How to remember language is the question. The repetition of my game solved that part of the problem for me.

But I was lonely so I created a virtual teacher to monitor my work and pop quiz me on the words I got wrong. After every two times I play the game she pop quizzes me. She even reminds me of good learning habits. Sometimes I don’t want to listen to her so I turn her voice off. She does reward me. If I get seven perfect scores in seven different lessons, she gives me a free credit!

Next I thought, “how do I learn grammar?” So I questioned a native speaker and wrote grammar rules down in a way that explains it and gives you examples of how to use it. I study grammar as I am learning the word groups. How to learn language gets easier.

Then from working on how to learn language I realized that spelling is remembering so I made a section that I could practice spelling. I made it so I could spell the native or phonetic spelling and it tells me when I get it right. How to learn language turned into what I call the world word exchange where all my lessons wait for you. How to learn language can be tested for free to anyone who signs up. Lessons are as low as $4 per half hour. Grammar and spelling practice are designed to be opened before the game timer runs out. They will stay open until you close them. The address is


Brian Thomas

World Word Exchange

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