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How to translate from one language to another is always a personal approach. Some people know how to translate better than others. It all comes down to how much of the languages you understand.

The fact is that a translator needs to also transpose the words to make the sentence understood by the learner. Simple translations like “My house” need to be spoken in the way of the learner. For example English would say “my house” but Spanish would say “house my” (casa mio).

Translation for movies needs to be done this way. If you just translate the words it will sound funny to the other languages.

Translation also is transposing. How to translate is understood better with this approach.

Of course it is up to the translator to determine what words are used in what order. If you get confused from the translations it is not serving its intended purpose.

How to translate properly all comes down to how well the translator knows the languages. This is where grammar and cultural influences must be understood. Grammar is only important to make a language sound good. It is not necessary for communication.

If you want to learn how to translate you need to first study a new language. The World Word Exchange has a unique and revolutionary approach to language learning. First you study the words and hear a native speaker pronounce them by clicking on them. The words are grouped in twenty word lessons. Word groups like family, food, and body are all taught together. Opposites like “Hot” and “cold” are taught together. All of the sentence words like who, what, where, when, why, and how, are taught first. Also words like to, from, go, come, and if are in the first four lessons. That way when you get to phrases you will understand what the individual words mean. To learn the keywords first will speed up your ability to communicate quickly in a new language. This will come in handy if you want to learn how to translate the words. After you study the words you click play game. Here a question word comes up and you have eight choices to match to it. If you play the game over and over you will learn very fast.

Learning a new language is not difficult. The real challenge is remembering the words.

You can learn how to translate yourself. You do not need anyone’s help. If you try you will find it very exciting to speak and understand a new language.

Please check out the World Word Exchange soon thanks. Please feel free to leave a comment on this post.


Brian Thomas

World Word Exchange

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