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I learn languages at the World Word Exchange. I learn in a revolutionary new way. I learn online for as low as $4 per lesson. The lessons are thirty minutes. The site is very simple to use. I learn Spanish, Mandarin Chinese or Thai. They say more languages will be added soon. The lessons are all twenty words at a time. All of the words are phonetically spelled in English. It makes it so easy to lock the word in your memory.

The site also has something very unique. I learn from user lessons I make on the site. I can choose any word I want from the database. It is very handy because I learn only the words I want.

The World Word Exchange has a study page where I click the words and I hear a native speaker speak them over and over if I want. I can even practice writing the words I learn. Then after I have studied the words I click play game. A question word comes up and I have eight choices to choose from. When I click the correct word the teacher speaks it and a new word comes up. In this way I learn quickly. My friend knows some Spanish and she found it was a great way for her to refresh her Spanish because she has not spoken it for a while.

The site also has a very cool virtual teacher. After you play the game two times a teacher pops up and quizzes you on the words you got wrong. How cool! I can see my score on the home page. I learn from seeing the words I got wrong. I make user lessons from them.

Another cool thing about the site it pays you to be a good student. If I get seven perfect lessons in seven different lessons a link appears and I get a free lesson. It’s like they want to reward you for being a good student.

I learn grammar on a separate page. It teaches me how the words are used in sentences. It has explanations and sentence examples that teach me how to use the words.

There is even a section on the site that teaches spelling. It is called Chat Practice. Spelling is remembering. You can type the words in phonetic or native spelling. I saw in the video that if you open the grammar or chat practice they stay open after the timer runs out. It’s like they want you to learn for the least possible cost!

The World Word Exchange is one of the best sites for language learning I have found. It teaches sentence words first. The small words used again and again when we speak. That way when you get to phrases you understand what the individual words mean. This is so logical. I think this is very helpful to learn the right words first to communicate fast in a new language. Also all the words with opposites are taught in the same lessons. When I learn the word “hot” I also learn the word “cold.” This also makes sense to me.

The site is very well designed and also beautiful. If you are interested in trying the site you can sign up free. The site gives everyone a free trial lesson. They did not ask me to sign a contract or make any commitment.

The best thing about the site I learn at my own pace. My teacher has limitless patience when I get words wrong. I can study anywhere anytime I have an Internet connection. I think this site will catch on because I learn so fast from it.

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