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Where can you find place that teaches helpful language courses? That is a question that needs an answer. Is a good school for language a location somewhere? Maybe it is on the Internet?

You should ask what style of learning do I want. Some people are good with pictures for learning. Pictures cannot teach words like “where” or “when”. These are all great one-word questions. They are very helpful. You can communicate with these words. Many language courses have the philosophy to teach you as if you were a child. This does not make sense to me. It is like saying I know how to add and subtract, but to go on to algebra I have to learn them again. You know how language works. You already understand a language. What is needed is to learn are substitute words in a new language.

Learning a language is easy. Many people know that “hola” is Spanish for hello of that “nee how” is hello in Chinese. The reason that you know them is that you have heard them many times. Language courses have the responsibility to teach you to remember words. This is the most important aspect to language learning.

Of all the language courses online, the World Word Exchange is very good. They teach Mandarin Chinese, Spanish and Thai.

A multiple-choice game teaches you through repetition. You study words on a study page and when you are ready to test yourself you click play game. It is the multiple-choice word game that gives you years of recall practice in a very short time.

I am studying Spanish now. All the words are spelled phonetically in English, but I see the correct Spanish spelling also. Spelling is very helpful for remembering. Spelling is like a picture of a word. Word pictures cannot be made any other way because words don’t have physical form. The website has a section that you can practice spelling in the phonetic or native spelling. Very helpful!

Good language courses would also teach you that it helps to have three links in your mind to remember a word. The sound and spelling are the best for the first two. I have found that making a clue it helps to lock words or sounds into my mind. To learn the Italian word for tomorrow, “domaini” I remembered it as “no money.” It rhymed. The Thai word for ceiling is “pay don.” My clue was “don’t forget to pay don.” Your clue needs to be anything that you can relate to. This is a helpful learning practice. In learning Spanish many words are so similar to English that the clue has already been made for you. Like body is “querpo.” You remember it from the word corpse. The three links are made. The clue is easy.

I wish you good luck in your search for the perfect language courses. It’s out there somewhere. The most important thing to understand is that if you find the school you will still be responsible to bring the desire to learn or it will not work. Please leave a comment thanks.

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