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Good online language tools would include a section that teaches the words, and a way to practice recalling the words. Another tool needed is a section that teaches grammar. A great tool would be a place to practice spelling. One final tool would be a way to choose only the words I want to learn.

The search for good online language tools can seem never-ending. Language learning is the goal. Tools are designed to aid in a process. The process of learning language is sometimes overwhelming to some. To know which language tools are effective is the challenge. You have to look at what the tools are designed to do to see if they will meet your needs.

The basic challenge is not learning a language, that’s easy, but remembering the words may be a different story. This is the single most important need. Memory. It would seem any good language tools online would have a tool to help you remember the words. Also a native speaker speaking the words is essential.

The next thing is a way to see the words spelled in your language. It’s not so important if you are learning Spanish or Italian because the words are similar to English and the alphabet is within your understanding. Now if you want to learn Mandarin Chinese then you need to see the words spelled phonetically in your language. Either that or choose to learn to read Mandarin.

Language tools that include spelling practice would be great. Spelling is remembering. Spelling is like a picture of a word. Words do not have physical form but spelling does. If you have the sound and the spelling it is a great place to start to remember the words.

There are many sites that offer language tools to help you learn a new language. You need to study what they have to offer. If they tell you they will teach you in ten days, look further. If using pictures is how they teach ask to see a picture of who, what or where. The teaching methods are usually touted in their advertising. Read it carefully and think about it. Does is sound like it will be helpful.

In your search for language tools please look at the World Word Exchange. This site has all of the language tools listed in the first paragraph. It is revolutionary in its approach. Read the advertising hype on the home page. Decide for yourself if it makes sense. If you sign up you will get an instant free trial lesson. Lessons cost as little as $4 each.

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