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To learn Mandarin Chinese is the desire of many people. Where is the best place to learn? What is the best and fastest method?

I have purchased many different language-learning methods most were not very helpful. Teaching methods vary some use games some pictures. Some even claim they can teach you a language in 10 days.

I have learned to look closely at the advertising they tout. If all they talk about is how fast you will learn, but not say how or why, I shy away from them. If they say they will teach me as if I were a child I say I am not a child. I already know a language and how language works. What I need to learn Mandarin are substitute words in the Mandarin language. If they tell me I will learn from pictures I ask myself, can they make a picture of who, what, or where. These are great one-word questions that can really help. Basic communications.

In my quest to learn Mandarin I have realized that the most important function of learning is remembering. Give me a way to remember the words. I need to see them spelled in my language. Spelling in a way is a picture of a word. It gives me a form to hold onto in my mind. Of course to learn Mandarin I want to hear a native speaker say the words.

To learn Mandarin using tools like I have just described would be easier. Mandarin is a tonal language. The Chinese use a system of numbers to mark tones called the Hanyupinyin. Mandarin Chinese has 5 tones. The first is normal or no change. The second is rising like asking a question. The third is wavering down then up. The fourth tone goes down. And the fifth is soft and light.

Many people know that “nee how” is hello in Chinese. But to speak correctly you have to use the wavering tone on both syllables.

I have recently found a website to learn Mandarin Chinese. It is called the World Word Exchange. I got a free trial lesson to test the site. The lessons are only $4 per lesson. The most impressive feature of the site is the way the words you learn first are organized. You learn all the basic words like to, go, if, from. That makes sense because when you get to phrases you already know the individual words. The site has a really cool multiple choice word game that is very helpful to remember words because it is repetition. Recall practice. You play the game again and again and you will remember the words. The site also teaches grammar and it has a Chat Practice or spelling section. I can practice writing Mandarin or phonetic spelling of the Chinese words. Spelling is remembering.

Learn Mandarin anyway you can. Make sure you check out the companies hype or you will lose money like I did.

It is very exciting to speak and understand a new language. Good luck! Please leave a comment thanks.

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