Learning A Foreign Language – 3 Mistakes To Avoid


Knowing a foreign language is useful and learning it can fun. I recall watching the comedy Mind Your Language when I was a kid and the class looked rather fun albeit chaotic at times.

I remember learning Spanish 15 years back so I could go over to Spain to learn how to play flamenco guitar. Fortunately, I found the language easy to learn, possibly because I was a fan of La Liga or Spanish soccer and so I was used to the accent and the pronunciation of certain words even though I did not know what they meant.

Although I found Spanish easy to learn, my wife did not feel the same way. However, she found French and easier to learn than I did. Therein lies one of the secrets to learning a foreign language – interest.

Interest plays a big part in learning a new language. It is the difference between work and play, fun and torture, as my wife would put it. During the course of learning languages, I have noted a few observations. I noticed mistakes which my fellow learners and I made during our language learning precess which I would like to share with you.

Learn Naturally
How does a child learn to speak? It listens, mimics and repeats. Therefore, never learn a new language from a text book. Save that for later when you get a bit more advanced.

Language is not a math problem. You do not want to study it to pass a test, you want to use it to communicate. Get used to how a new language sounds. Learn simple, common, everyday phrases which you can use often and find someone to practice with. Learning from a qualified language tutor is great but it would be good if you could practice with a native speaker or a fellow student often. Practice will help you get comfortable with the language.

Learn The Essentials
If you have a short time to learn a foreign language, it is best you decide what you want to use the language for. Tourists would need to learn to ask for directions. In my case, I had to learn guitar terms in Spanish. Skip the proverbs and nonessential material if you do not have the time.

Make Use Of Different Tools
There are so many tools out there which you could use to learn a new language. Never just use one tool.

If you are unable to join a language class or or get a private language tutor, try learning language software. Modern language learning software has come a long way for those available 15 years ago.

Use language games to help with memory retention and as a way to keep learning fun. It is also a great way to get more people to learn the same language you are learning.

Fortunately, we live in a time where all these language learning tools like software, books, games and DVDs are easily available. A good place to learn a language is at the worldwordexchange.com. That stite has evrything you need to learn a new language. The owner’s name is Brian and he himself speaks a few languages. If you need help getting the right material, he can sort it out for you.

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