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Learning language online is an exciting challenge. I the old days you had to go to a language school. Or if you had big money you could hire a private teacher. Now those days are over. Learning language online is here to stay.

There are many ways to start. There are many sites that teach language learning and just as many languages to learn.

If you search you will find many methods of teaching. Some want to teach you with pictures but, can you make a picture of who? What does what look like?? Where can I find a picture of when and how do I hold it? Who, what, where, when, and how, are some of the very helpful words I want to learn first. They are meaningful one word questions. All the sentence words like to, go, come, for, is, from, would be very handy to know. Then, when you get to phrases you will know what all the words are. Also if I could see them phonetically spelled in English it would help to lock them into my memory.

I think that learning a language online is easy. The real challenge is to remember the words.

The World Word Exchange has a study page where I click the words and I hear a native speaker speak them over and over if I want. I can even practice writing the words I learn. Then after I have studied the words I click play game. A question word comes up and I have eight choices to choose from. When I click the correct word the teacher speaks it and a new word comes up. In this way I learn a language online quickly. My friend knows some Spanish and she found the game was a great way for her to refresh her Spanish because she has not spoken it for a while.

I have another Thai friend that in three weeks learned so much English from playing the game that she could communicate in English with no problem.

The truth about languages is that learning language online is easy. Many people know that hola is hello in Spanish. Many also know that nee how is hello is Chinese. See learning a language is easy. The real challenge is not learning the words but remembering them.

That is why learning language online for Spanish at the world word exchange is so easy to learn. First you study 20 words on the study page. It plays the words when you click them. Then after you think you are ready to test yourself you click play game. A question word comes up and you have eight choices to match the word to. When you click the correct answer your teacher speaks the word and you advance to the next word. By playing the game over and over you will remember the words. It is repetition that locks the words into your memory. Please leave a comment thanks.

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