Learning Mandarin Chinese Language

Learning Mandarin Chinese language involves first the understanding that Chinese is a tonal language. There are five tones in Mandarin. This means that the same word sounds to the untrained ear are spoken but have a different meaning because of the tones. The Chinese call this the “Hanyupinyin” and use the numbers 1 to 4 to mark the tones. The five tones are: The pitch going up like asking a question. The tone goes down then up. The pitch goes down. The tone is light and soft-spoken with no emphasis. And normal tone no change. The fifth tone has no mark. No mark means no change or a constant tone.

To learn Mandarin Chinese language the World Word Exchange uses symbols instead of numbers because they are easier to read. The Chinese words are all phonetically spelled in English to help you remember them. You can learn the Mandarin Chinese language online at the World Word Exchange anytime.

Learning Mandarin Chinese at the World Word Exchange you first study the phonetic spelling of the Chinese words. You also see the words written in native Chinese. Then after you study the words and are ready to test yourself, you click play game. The site has a simple multiple choice word game. The question word comes up and you have eight choices to match it to. Learning Mandarin Chinese is not difficult. The real challenge is to remember the words. This is where the game will teach you Chinese quickly. You will learn by repetition. It gives you years of recall practice in a short time.

The site also teaches you the Mandarin Chinese languages use of  grammar. There are explanations on of how the words are used and sentence examples for you to study.

Another very helpful feature of the World Word Exchange is called the Chat Practice section. It teaches you to spell. Spelling is remembering. You can practice the phonetic English or native spelling of the Chinese words.

The World Word Exchange is an online language-learning site. It is the same as having a native Chinese speaker teach you in your home of office. The site also features a virtual teacher that monitors then pop quizzes on the words you get wrong after you complete a game two times through.

Learning Mandarin Chinese anyway that you can is good. The World Word Exchange teaches you sentence words first. Words like: who, what, where, when, and how are all one-word questions that are very helpful. You will also learn words like to, from, come, go, and if in the first lessons. Then when you get to phrases you will understand what the individual words mean. This is a logical approach. This will speed up your ability to communicate fast in Mandarin Chinese.

Mandarin Chinese language learning is a very exciting experience. You will be thrilled to speak and understand a new language in a short time. Thanks and good luck.

Try learning Mandarin Chinese at the WorldWordExchange. Let us know how it goes.

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