Learning Thai

Learning Thai is like Learning to Sing

The language is very beautiful to listen to. There are many differences in the way English and Thai are spoken. Thai is a tonal language. That means a word that is spelled the same can have different meanings because of the tone or sound. The Thai language has five tones. Another difference is that Thai’s speak “house my” where English speaks “my house.” One more difference for Thai language students to note is that Thai does not have “a” or “the” and is spoken quite simply. Instead of “lets go to the store” Thai’s would simply speak “go store.” Thai language students are better off learning simple words first like who, what, where, when and why. You can do a lot of communicating with those one-word questions. Also if you learn simple sentence words like to, go, from, this, and come first, you will understand what the phrases mean because you will know the individual words. Another difference in Thai is that when the subject is understood it is not spoken.

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