I just came across a post on this on another language site. Pronounced no-eh-tro-piks these are what you would call smart drugs, memory enhancers, cognitive enhancers, or intelligence enhancers. It would seem that caffeine and omega 3 are considered to be nootropics but there are many others, many in development. I have no doubt some of them would be effective although what the side effects would be I wouldn’t know. The poster I read seemed to be learning more, able to concentrate more, was more extroverted and had an improved sex life.

So anyway, if you have any experience with this feel free to comment in the comments. I’m off to get a coffee.

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  1. himmelfahrt says:

    I take Piracetam (no choline to activate it though I dont think everybody needs to do this ), but to tell you the truth I dont feel any different or improvement at all. I think it provides a placebo effect, really. I think Im just gonna score some Adderall and try that, at least that has significant tests for it’s efficacy.

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