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bangkok photographerLearning Thai phrases can be a challenge. It is also very rewarding to learn another language. One aspect of the problem in learning Thai phrases is getting used to the difference in the way they are spoken.

In English we speak “my house” in Thai they speak “house my.”

Phrases in Thai or Italian etc. do not always contain the words you expect. Sometimes they do but in a different order. The best way is to learn about phrases in any language is to learn all of what I call sentence words. Examples: if, come, to, from, for, and, etc. Then when you hear them in a sentence or phrase you understand what they mean.

The Eastern region of Thailand is called Esan pronounced “e sahn. Phrases there can be different than in Bangkok. The good news is if you know some Thai they will understand you. The bad news is you will not understand as much in other regions. An example of this in America is “How are you?”. In the south they say: “How ya’ll doing?” Changing the words around and possibly a different accent.

I have a created a website that teaches many Thai phrases. It also teaches the individual words used to make them. It is one thing to know them, another to speak them correctly.

I have also recorded a native Thai speaker so you can listen over and over to get it right.

The website is the result from my quest to learn Thai and other languages. The lesson fees are based on what a fast food meal would cost. Two lessons cost $12, 4 lessons cost $20, and 8 lessons cost $32 or $4 each for a half hour lesson.

Phrases in Thai, Spanish or mandarin Chinese can be learned for a small investment. If you sign up you will get a free trial lesson. The site has many features like a study page where you see the Thai word spelled phonetically in English and also the native spelling. You click the word to hear a native speaker pronounce the word. After you study you go to a multiple-choice game where you test what you have learned. There is a virtual teacher that monitors your progress. When you complete two games you will get a pop quiz to test you on the words you got wrong.

A great feature of the site is you can choose only the words you want to learn from the database. Phrases in Thai or any other language you want to learn will be much easier if you understand the basic words that make them.

So if you are wanting to learn Thai please visit the Thai introductory page for more information. Or sign up now for a free trial. And let us know what you think, we’re always open to feedback.

Brian Thomas

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