Study Says That Listening To Music May Improve Language Skills

From Scientific American

Study has been accruing over the past few years that shows that listening to music can boost everything from pitch perception to visual and motor skills.

New research opines that it may also improve language-processing abilities – a finding that lends support to the effectiveness of teaching letters and words to children through songs, as TV programs like Sesame Street and Top of the Pops have been doing for decades.

Researchers report in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA that music sparks changes in the brain stem – as well as in the cortex or outer brain layers as previously known. Nina Kraus speculates that this means listening to music may not only improve ones skill in deciphering different tones but also enhances reading and speech functions, because the brain stem is a pathway for both music and language.

Have you had any experiences that would support this? I’m prepared to go along with it. Feel free to comment.

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