Thai Lessons Online

Thai Lessons Online

Anyone who is seeking to learn the Thai language can get lessons online from the World Word Exchange. The first two lessons are free. The World Word Exchange is a unique language learning system. You can learn any time from anywhere you want.  2 credits $12, 4 credits $20, 8 credits $32

It saves a lot of time and effort not to go to a school at a specified time and place. There are seventy-six lessons of twenty words each (more than 2000 words) on the site now. You can listen to a native Thai speak the words you want to learn. You can learn Thai phrases. The Thai words are all spelled out phonetically in English. It is very helpful to hear the word and have some way to remember the spelling of the word the way it sounds in English.

The World Word Exchange has many features to help you learn. If you are interested I suggest you watch the video How to Use The World Word Exchange on the video instruction page. The video will also teach you about the features and layout of the site. It is designed to give you the maximum learning for the lowest-cost possible.

It will teach you grammar for the words you are learning by giving examples of sentences spoken the way the Thai’s speak. If you already speak some Thai you can choose any words in my database and make your own Thai lesson. Each lesson is twenty words. A user lesson page will give you all the words you can choose from. You can listen to a native Thai speaker and study the English phonetic spelling. Also you will see the correct native Thai spelling. After you study you go to a multiple choice word game to test what you know. If you get seven perfect scores in seven different lessons you will get a free credit.

Learning Thai is not difficult it is just different. English speak with the accent on the first part of the word. Thai’s speak with the accent on the end of the word.

Also Thai’s speak “house my” instead of “my house.”

How you say a Thai word can be a make a big difference. For example in Thai the word “sue ahy” means beautiful when you say it with an upward or tonal rise for “ahy”. Without the rising tone “sue ahy” means unlucky. Not good if you are trying to tell a lady she is beautiful. Thai lessons online are yours for the adventure of learning a beautiful language.


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