Top 5 Language Learning Tips

Below we have listed our top 5 tips to help you in your Language studies…

Pronunciation- It is vital that you take the time to listen to and learn the pronunciation of the language right from the start. If you get this part of the process correct from the beginning it will make the whole process much easier for you.

Study -Study for 30 minutes per day in your spare time. Studying for any longer than this can be detrimental due to fatigue and individual attention spans. Mastering small amounts of information before moving on is much more beneficial that trying to do too much at once.

Read -Regularly reading Course books, Magazines, Graded reading material, Newspapers and advertising literature in your spare time will give you an excellent grasp of both the language and the culture of the country or countries in which it is natively spoken.

Listen – Listening to your favourite music, watching videos / films and terrestrial TV programmes that are spoken or sung  is a great way of learning the language.

Write -Writing one essay per week in your spare time and having it corrected by a native speaker is one of the very best ways to rapidly perfect your language skills.

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