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Have you ever had a conversation with a machine? Now you can, right here.

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Language Learning Through Hip-Hop Music? Hellz Yeah

A guest post from our insane hip-hop reporter Mad Skillz. Not sure what his first language is, if he has one – While insane skillz people learn with classes can be nuthin’ although some sort of slow, just one analyst … Continue reading

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Spanish Language Learning Games

Spanish language learning games are a great way to learn the Spanish language. The greatest advantage for using learning games for is the repetition they offer. They also make learning fun! You can play a game many times and not … Continue reading

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Best Language Learning Programs

What are the best language learning programs on the market? This question asked more and more by many people everyday. Today’s world is much smaller. People are learning second languages for many reasons, for fun, for travel or to help … Continue reading

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Learning Mandarin Chinese Language

Learning Mandarin Chinese language involves first the understanding that Chinese is a tonal language. There are five tones in Mandarin. This means that the same word sounds to the untrained ear are spoken but have a different meaning because of … Continue reading

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The Benefits of Learning a Foreign Language

If exercise is good for a body it makes sense that using your brain is good for the mind. Science now says that learning a second language can help ward of Alzheimer’s disease. It opens or creates new pathways in … Continue reading

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