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Does Getting Drunk help You Learn a New Language?

Not wanting to promote the use of alcohol but this is an interesting result from a study by the University of Illinois. They found that people, or men in any case, not sure why they didn’t include women, were better … Continue reading

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How to Introduce Yourself in Thai

Here’s a good basic lesson on how to say hello and introduce yourself in Thai. Don’t forget, if you want to learn more Thai sign up to the World Word Exchange here.

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Memory and Language Learning

I think this video is basically correct and explains this well. I have noticed myself that I might have no understanding of something when I first encounter it but a few months later, even without trying, the mind has processed … Continue reading

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The Language Tree

This is a great illustration of the history of Indo-Eupropean Languages. I have no doubt that the history of humanity follows a very similar path. I would be interested to know the dating of the various breakaway branches and also … Continue reading

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