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What Language is Spoken in Bangkok?

Languages spoken by Thai nationals in Bangkok are Thai and if you are lucky, some English. English is bad but generally OK enough in tourist areas (don’t expect quick conversations though). Outside of tourist areas, English is generally very poor … Continue reading

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The Thai Language

Even if you only plan to travel to Thailand instead of living there, learning a bit of the language is going to help you immensely. Unlike certain countries in Asia where a foreigner is always an outsider, if you learn … Continue reading

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What are the World’s Sexiest Languages?

A survey of more than 5,000 people has revealed the world’s sexiest language – and it’s exactly what you thought. The survey  found French is considered the sexiest language. In fact, 41% of respondents polled ranked it tops for seduction, … Continue reading

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60 Insanely Useful Resources To Get You Learning, Reading, Writing and Speaking Spanish Right Now!!!

Here you have an epic round up of insanely useful online resources and tools available for free that will help get you learning, reading, writing, and speaking Spanish Right Now!!!

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How many words do you need to know in a foreign language?

If you want to be able to speak, as opposed to reading, and understand another language then knowing the most common 1000 words will give you an understanding of 90% of whats being spoken. That’s more than enough to be … Continue reading

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Rosetta Stone – The Biggest Ponzi Scheme Around

A scathing attack on Rosetta Stone by Seeking Alpha, a stock market news & financial analysis magazine. Their conclusion is thus: 1. Bogus, irrational value proposition and extortionate prices, driven by huge marketing budgets 2. Stuck buyers who have no … Continue reading

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