Does Getting Drunk help You Learn a New Language?

Not wanting to promote the use of alcohol but this is an interesting result from a study by the University of Illinois. They found that people, or men in any case, not sure why they didn’t include women, were better and faster at word association tests when slightly inebriated.

It also improved creative problem solving. Jennifer Wiley, an associate professor of psychology at the University of Illinois, Chicago, and her colleagues asked students with different levels of mathematical skills to work together to come up with a formula. “A lot of things happened. The low-skilled students learned more, they asked more questions,” she says. “And they made the high-skilled students think more deeply. So, the group did end up inventing their own formula.”

I guess we all have our own opinions and experiences with this. Feel free to post yours. For myself I’m wondering why it took ten thousand years for scientists to figure this out. Oh, and they were testing with the equivalent to a couple of drinks, not blind drunk.

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