How To Learn Spanish Online

How to learn Spanish online is a new kind of question. In the past everyone went to a school to learn. You had no other choice. Sure, if you were wealthy you could hire a private teacher but most people cannot afford it. Today you can discover how to learn Spanish online is easy. You can do it anytime anywhere you have an internet connection.

I have tried many different online methods and I find that the World Word Exchange has an excellent organization for learning.

The lessons are low-cost as low as $4 per half hour lesson. The site has sections that teach you grammar and spelling practice. If they are opened before the timer runs out they will stay open.

How to learn Spanish online is easier if you can see the words spelled phonetically in English. The site shows the correct Spanish spelling also. The words are grouped into lessons like family, food and body. Opposites like “hot” and “cold” are taught in the same lessons. I can also make my own user lessons. I type in the first letter of a word and a list drops down and I choose the Spanish words I want to learn.

The World Word Exchange teaches how to learn Spanish online with repetition. You play a simple multiple choice word game. It gives you years of recall practice in a short time. First you look at their study page. You hear a native Spanish speaker say the words. You click to hear the words you want so you can do it over and over. Then when you are ready to test yourself you click play game. A question word comes up and you have eight choices to match it to.

There is even a teacher who watches you and after every two times I finish a game I get pop quizzed on the words I got wrong.

How to learn Spanish online is a fun challenge. It helps when you have a good Spanish teacher. When I found the World Word Exchange I signed up for free. It gave me a free trial lesson! I find I can learn at least twenty words a day. I learn the grammar for each word as I study them. I am not learning useless phrases like “Where is my suitcase.” I learned the words “where” and “is” in my first lesson. I learned all of the sentence words like to, go, from, if, in the first four lessons.

How to learn Spanish online has been a great experience for me. If you give it a try you just might like it too.

The World Word Exchange offers everyone a free trial lesson. It’s free to sign up and there is no contract or commitment.

I think in the future everyone will learn many things from online schools like this one.

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