Learn Mandarin Chinese through a Chinese fairy tale – Movie 白蛇传说 (Legend of White Snake)

白蛇传说 bái shé chuánshuō (Legend of White Snake) is a Chinese folk legend that is hundreds of years old. You may have already seen it short cartoon or a black and white film, in Chinese or other languages. Now you can see it as an amazing movie casted by 李连杰 Lǐ Liánjié (Jet Li) and 黄圣依 huáng shèng yī.

This video has both Chinese and English captions. The content of the conversations are easy to understand as it’s quite a simple story so you may find this good for practicing your mandarin listening. The name of the movie is translated as “It’s Love”, it’s a love story, but this certainly doesn’t have your usual “lived happily ever after” ending.

So, enjoy the Legend of White Snake…

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