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How to be a Great Student using the World Word Exchange

The world Word Exchange is a tool to help you learn a new language quickly.
Everything you need to learn a new language is here, except the desire, you have to bring that.

Learn the first 4 lessons perfectly before you begin to learn other lessons.
The game is a memory generator. This is why you will remember the words. It is the most important part of your study.

It does not take long to be able to get a perfect score for a lesson group but, can you pronounce all the words correctly? Do you remember the word without looking? Can you speak it correctly before you hear it? Can you spell it?

Practice repeating the last three lessons learned each time you learn a new Lesson. First learn lesson 1 perfect. When you are ready to learn lesson 2 practice lesson 1 first, then learn lesson 2. When you have lesson 2 perfect, practice lesson 1 & 2 before you study 3. Practice 1, 2 & 3 before you learn lesson 4. Each day that you begin to learn repeat your last three lessons learned, then start a new lesson. To learn lesson 5 practice 2, 3 and 4 first. Repeat! Repeat! Repeat! This is how and why you will remember.
You can do 7 lessons in 5 minutes if you know them. Each month of study do all the lessons that you know at least 1 time.
As you learn the lesson groups visit the Grammar page learn how to use the words.
Practice spelling the word in native or phonetic spelling in Chat Practice.

The site is designed to give you the most for your money. User lessons, Grammar and Chat Practice are used at no cost to your credit time. Open them before you play the game. User lessons, Grammar and Chat Practice stay open when the game time closes.

This site was brought to you by the desire we all have inside us to communicate. It is my hope that you use it to communicate with people of many different cultures. Good luck! We are happy to serve you!

Brian Thomas

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