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Spanish at the World Word Exchange is taught by a native Mexican speaker. If you want to learn Spanish you can learn anytime and anywhere you have an Internet connection. Learning Spanish is much easier than say an Asian language. Many words in Spanish sound the same or similar to English words.

Spanish at first seems very different but another big advantage to learning Spanish is that Spanish uses the same alphabet as English. There are some differences in the way they are used. In Spanish the “J” is used for the “H” sound. The letter “L” can have a “Y” sound to it. It does not take long to learn. The World Word Exchange spells all the Spanish words phonetically to help you remember how to speak the sounds. Also included is the correct Spanish spelling.

Spanish at last is easy to learn. You can listen to a native speaker say the words over and over by clicking them. You can practice even spelling the native or phonetic words in the Chat Practice section.

The site has Spanish at the top of the languages to learn. So many Americans want to speak Spanish.

The truth about languages is, that learning them is easy. Many people know that “hola” is hello in Spanish. Many also know that “Nee How” is hello in Chinese. See learning a language is easy. The real challenge is not learning the words but remembering them.

That is why Spanish at the World Word Exchange is so easy to learn. First you study 20 words on the study page. It plays the words when you click them. Then after you think you are ready to test yourself you click play game. A question word comes up and you have eight choices to match the word to. When you click the correct answer your teacher speaks the word and you advance to the next word. By playing the game over and over you will remember the words. It is repetition that locks the words into your memory.

Spanish at the site is also taught in the grammar section. You can see how the words are used by example in the sentences in the grammar section. Also explanations for the words are also given. Proper grammar is difficult to use but you will be understood anyway. You will find it much easier to speak to a Spanish speaker if you drop grammar and just speak very simple. For example if you want to tell a Spanish speak something like “I want to go to the store.” It is much better to say “go store.” You will find many languages speak very simple anyway. English uses a lot of un-needed words. “Like look at the car.” “Look car” means the same thing. “At” and “the” are redundant words.

Spanish at the world word exchange is taught for as little as $4 per half hour lesson. If you open Chat Practice and Grammar first they will stay open after the timer runs out. Good luck in your adventure. Please feel free to leave a comment.

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