Spanish Language Learning Games

Spanish language learning games are a great way to learn the Spanish language.

The greatest advantage for using learning games for is the repetition they offer. They also make learning fun! You can play a game many times and not get bored while you are learning. It does not feel like you are working on learning something, more like you are just playing for fun.

Games that teach can be a great learning method. There are many forms of educational games that teach a wide variety of learning.

I learned to type using a typing game. First it taught me the home row and then the upper and lower keys with the proper finger placement. A word came up and I had to type it before it blew up my space ship. The game is called Captain Keyboard and I believe you can find it on the web. It really taught me to type without looking.

A good form of Spanish language games I find helpful is multiple-choice. You look at a question word. Eight answers are in your view, but only one word is the correct answer. This helps your mind to decide from what you already know, by eliminating through what you know is not correct to what is correct. This is very helpful! This process makes you reach out for memory of the answer and at the same time repeats and reinforces what you do know.

This is a very good example of what games do. You learn through repetition. Seeing what you know over and over helps to reinforce and remember too.

I am learning Spanish online from an educational games format at the World Word Exchange. I choose a group of twenty words in each lesson. I see the words spelled phonetically so I can read and remember them. I study from a study page first. I click on a word and a native speaker says the word. I can study until I am ready to test myself. Then I click play game. It is a great foreign language word game to learn from.

The World Word Exchange also has a word spelling game. If you can spell it you can remember it.

Educational games have many different forms all with the same goal. You can even learn to fly an airplane from the safety of your computer monitor with today’s technology. To teach, to inspire memory and to make learning fun is what they are all about! Creating long-term memory for a lifetime. The list of educational games is very long. There are many ways to teach and many ways to learn. The great thing about the educational games is that they teach you. They teach you something that you can take and apply to your life. To make your life better and more enriched.

If you seek to learn anything you will find that games can be of great help. The one thing the games cannot give you is the desire and passion to learn. You have to find that within yourself.

Try our Spanish language learning games at Let us know how it goes.

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