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Spanish lessons are available through a variety of media. The old way of a private tutor is waning. A new wave of online lessons or software programs is coming into being. The challenge is to find a program that works. They all say you will learn. What you have to analyze is how they teach. What method do they use to teach? Spanish lessons without a clear direction are doomed to fail.

After you analyze how they teach you need to look at what they teach. What words do you learn first? If they start you out learning meaningless phrases ask them why. If you learn all the small sentence words first then you will know how to understand the phrases because you will know the individual words. Spanish lessons should have a good choice of useful words like who, what, where, when and why. You can use these words as one-word questions. A great place to start your Spanish lessons.

Another practical method is to learn grammar as you learn the words. You need to see sentences and how the words are used. To understand grammar is one of the more difficult skills to accomplish. It can take years of Spanish lessons to understand how to speak it correctly but I will not hamper your communication. You will just sound funny. I find it enjoyable when people speaking English as a second language misuse the rules. I still understand what they mean.

The most useful learning aid to Spanish lessons I have found is to see the words phonetically spelled in English. It is like making a picture of a word. You remember the sound of the spelling. That is the only way to give form to words that do not have physical form like “who” or “what.” Spelling is remembering.

Of course to learn Spanish you need to hear a Spanish speaker say the words. This is a must. Spanish lessons that teach from the sound and the spelling of the word are a good start. Sometimes you need to make a clue to help remember the words. Something that rhymes to the word or in some way reminds you of the word. Science says that you need three links in your mind to remember a word. Try the technique it really does work!

There are many Spanish lessons taught online. A good one is the World Word Exchange. The words you learn first are all the words used over and over in sentences. Words like to, go, if, from. The site has a study page where you click the word to hear a native Spanish speaker. You see the word spelled phonetically in English. You also see the correct Spanish spelling of the word. After you study you play a simple multiple-choice game of the words you just studied. It is a great way to help memorize the words. There is even a way to practice spelling the native or phonetic words on the site.

The Spanish lessons taught on the World Word Exchange are very good. They also teach Mandarin Chinese and Thai. The lessons are as low as $4 per lesson. If you sign up the site gives you a free lesson to test the logic of how they teach. There is no contract or commitment. You can stop at anytime. The results will speak for themselves because you will learn to speak Spanish. If you are interested in Spanish lessons online visit the World Word Exchange. Please leave a comment thanks.

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