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You can study Spanish at the World Word Exchange. It is an online language course that has a unique approach to language learning. Instead of starting you with learning phrases you learn all the words that are used to make phrases. Words like to, go, from, and here. It makes sense because when you hear a phrase or sentence you will understand the individual words.

The site also has an innovative approach to remembering the words you learn. First you click the words you want to learn and hear a native speaker say them. You also see the words phonetically spelled in English. This is very helpful for studying Spanish because even though Spanish uses the English alphabet the J and H sounds are among other letters are reversed. You also see the correct Spanish spelling. After you study the words on the study page you play a simple multiple-choice word game to test your memory. This is a very good idea because you immediately challenge yourself to remember the words. Learning a language is all about remembering the words. Another interesting idea the site has is a virtual teacher. When you play the multiple-choice game a teacher pop quizzes you on the words you get wrong.

There is also a page that you can practice spelling either the phonetic or native spelling. If you can spell the words you can remember how to say them.

To study Spanish grammar they have another page that explains the words and gives sentence examples of how to use the words. I find that grammar is not really that important to communication. For example Spanish people speak “house my” instead of “my house.” Either way you will be understood, but it is still good to know how they speak.

There is another feature that I have never seen on any other language learning method. To study Spanish you can choose only the words you want to learn. If you already know a little Spanish you make up a lesson the words you want to learn from their database. They all load into a study page and then word game the same as the site offers for its pre-made lessons. It is really helpful.

The lessons are organized into word groups like family, food, body even sports. If a word has an opposite like “hot” you learn “cold” in the same lesson.

The words that you learn first will dramatically improve your chances of speaking and understanding the Spanish language quickly.

As with anything you choose to study it is your desire to learn that makes the results fast or slow. You have to bring that yourself.

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