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If you are looking to learn Thai you need a Thai teacher from a good Thai school. If you are not in Thailand finding a Thai school can be challenging.

A great way to learn Thai is from the Internet. It is the same as a private teacher except it is up to you when to go to school or when to play hooky. You can also learn at your own pace.

A good Thai school would have to have a good Thai teacher. The World Word Exchange is a good place to start. The teacher is a native Thai speaker. You can listen to the words over and over to learn them. You don’t have to ask your teacher to repeat the word you just click the word to listen.

The layout of the World Word Exchange is like this:

Twenty words are displayed on a page with phonetic spelling in English to help you remember the words. You click the words to hear them. After you study the words you play a multiple-choice game where you match a word to eight choices. You click the right choice to move to the next word.

The World Word Exchange also has a virtual teacher. Your game scores are monitored. When you complete two games you will get a pop quiz to test you on the words you got wrong. It’s a great Thai school to learn from.

You can also choose only the words you want to learn from the database. Just type the first letter of the word you want and a drop down list appears. Click a word to enter it in your lesson of twenty words.

The website World Word Exchange was created because I could not find a site or a CD that made sense. Sure pictures are great to learn from, but how do you make a picture of who? What does a picture of what look like? My websites first lesson teaches you: who, what, where, when, why, how and many more useful words. Thai school is what you make it.

Your learning fast depends on how hard you work at it. It in not difficult to learn to speak Thai, it is just different. The World W ord Exchange can give you the tools for a lifetime of speaking an exotic language. The World Word Exchange is a great Thai school at very reasonable rates for you to check out. 2 credits $12, 4 credits cost $20, and 8 credits cost $32 Please leave a comment about this post. Thanks

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